Volume Booster and Video Speed Control
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ملف إعلامي لقطة شاشة 3
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ملف إعلامي لقطة شاشة 1
ملف إعلامي لقطة شاشة 2
ملف إعلامي لقطة شاشة 3

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Video Speed Control and Volume Booster to regulate any video speed. Increases sound volume for up to 600%. Works on each tab…

🎥 The Video Speed Control and Volume Booster allows you to speed up or slow down any video playing in your Chrome Browser, on any website. This is extremely helpful tool for those who need a video manager to watch or listen for any video at higher or lower speed. You can slow down or speed up any video playback for up to 16 times. 📣 Another feature is Sound Volume Boost. The extension manages sound of each browser tab separately and can increase sound volume for up to 600%. For better user experience the extension works separately on each tab. Thus, you can regulate sound volume of each tab independently. 🔎 USER GUIDE - How to use Video Speed Control and Volume Booster: 1) Install extension and pin it to your browser. That's it. Installation process is very simple and doesn't require any additional settings or actions 2) Open any tab with a playing video or audio 3) Click on the icon of the extension 4) Change video playback speed or sound volume from the extension control panel. You can increase playback speed for up to 16 times. Sound Boost can be done for up to 600%. Done. 💥 Video Speed Control and Volume Booster works on any page or website, including most popular streaming and video hosting platforms like: - Netflix - Amazon Prime Video - YouTube - Vimeo 🎥 The Video Speed Control feature would be useful when you'd like to rewatch your favourite video in slow motion, or speed it up. You can enjoy your favorite YouTube video or Netflix series at any speed you want. Slowing down video is a very useful feature for those who learn something (like foreign language, etc.) through video. Speeding up any video simply allows you to skip boring or too slow part of a video. You can fine tune video speed with 0.1 precision. Such a smooth tuning provides you with most comfortable playback speed for you. 🔉 The Sound Boost feature is a desired tool for those who want to lift Chrome Browser limits on sound volume. Now you can increase volume for up to 600% i.e., your browser can play any music or video with sound 6 times more than standard maximum one. Even more comfy feature: You can regulate sound volume for every browser tab separately. It's a super cool perk for someone who hops from one tab to another, which actually means it is handy basically for everyone. Note Please note that this extension is not an official Google application or product. It is designed and developed by me, independent developer. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Google doesn't endorse or sponsor this Chrome extension.

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