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Effy Yuan

May 25, 2024

how to slow down the text reading speed of ChatGPT voice control

how to slow down the text reading speed of ChatGPT voice control, i can't find the setting part.

Michal Kubis

May 6, 2024

Permissions changed

VoiceWave: ChatGPT Voice Control is disabled

To re-enable it, accept the new permissions:
* Read and change all your data on all websites


Charcoal Mine

May 3, 2024

Not Working

The extension is not working because Openai changed the URL. Can someone please help

Mikhail Sytin

May 3, 2024

VoiceWave: ChatGPT Voice Control

расширение VoiceWave: ChatGPT Voice Control сообщает, что оно не может прочитать или изменить данные сайта

Thái Nguyễn Văn

May 2, 2024

[Important] Cannot use extention anymore: changed to

The chat website changed to I cannot use the extention, Please update the link!

Nick Kilcoyne

Apr 2, 2024

Text cursor always returns to text field so can't use space bar to trigger talking

Using MS Edge. I want to use Space for "Push to talk" but whenever ChatGPT is done responding the cursor goes into the text box forcing me to click out of the text box before I can press the space bar again. Is there a way to prevent this?

Otherwise, this is the best Voice control extension for ChatGPT.

Sebastián H

Feb 2, 2024

Unable to use mic

i get this message constantly and have been unable to get it to work with the changes in settings.

"Failed to start the speech recognizer.
Probably the voice control language you choose is not supported in your browser. Try changing your voice control language from settings."

Jimmy Leman

Jan 30, 2024

opera browser compatibility

hi i've tryed to instal few voice controler extension like your's on my browser (Opera) and no onces working proprely
have you any information about voice controler extention compatibility issue with opera browsing ?

Viktor Smilenko (Smilenko_net)

Nov 30, 2023

В новой версии gpt при нажатии пробела, открывается поиск по компьютеру.

В новой версии gpt при нажатии пробела, открывается поиск по компьютеру.


Nov 11, 2023

Shortcut Overlap

The space shortcut is overlapping with the ChatGPT shortcut. Could you either remove the space shortcut from ChatGPT or make the shortcut for this extension selectable?

To reproduce, when you select the ChatGPT4 model, a clip icon appears to the left of the input field. In this situation, it seems that the space shortcut is assigned to open the window to attach a file.

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