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Jaroslaw Istok

Aug 27, 2022

Taken away?

Voice Recognition seems to be installed with big button go to website but no icon, not on plugin list


Jun 22, 2021

How can I delete this app?

Not an option in the settings. Please advise. Thanks.

Gaurav Singh

Sep 18, 2020

Can we use this application/plugin in my word press website?

I want to use this application | Plugin in my wordpress website, please suggest me if is this possible to use this plugin in my website.

Ann Marie Guinan

May 14, 2020

Adding to extension menu

Is it possible to add this to the Chrome extension menu? :)

Charles Lewis

Nov 10, 2019

ave pages of 'how 'to use it'? To take a couyple of examples I canot get it to respond to an

Where is the manual describing how to use the system? How do I get it to captalise a word, for example. Cap,or Caps does not work. Nor does comma. What are the available commands and where do we find them? Where is the help? If there is none this must be a very primitive form of voice recognition. I am familiar with Dragon and with the system in Word 19. They seem infinitely better. Am I wrong?

David Green

Oct 27, 2019

Voice Recognition

I have a voice audio file on the computer. Can i load it into the audio recognition file directly or do I have to use a mic?

David Green

Oct 27, 2019

I have an voice audio file on the computer that I want to convert to print using google docs. Is this possible?

I have an voice audio file on my computer drive that I want to convert to print. Is this possible using google docs?

Marilyn Santos (Mazikeen69)

Oct 16, 2019


I want to uninstall this app i cant i find where

Stephanie Hill

Oct 7, 2019


I'm writing papers using dictation on my HP Chromebook. I have very limited ability to use punctuation, only the period, comma, and hyphen commands work as expected. I have tried both "insert" and "add" before other commands, but dictation inserts the text instead of the symbols. Can this be fixed?

Gary Grant

Jul 1, 2019

voice recondition

Can not find it

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