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W aat.

May 4, 2024



Tetsuya Watanabe

May 3, 2024


chromeに機能拡張としてvoice control chat miaAIをインストールしましたが、chatGPTにマイクのアイコンが表示されません。どうしたらよいですか?


Mar 20, 2024

Al presionar Talk to Mia me tira el siguiente error: Unable to load conversation 9820635c-

Al presionar "Talk to Mia" me tira el siguiente error: "Unable to load conversation 9820635c-ca0b-4aa1-8906-8881b8f62104" ¿A qué se debe? ¿Cómo lo resuelvo?

pari udii

Mar 11, 2024

bts taehung voice in hindi song


Tian tian Chen

Feb 29, 2024

安装了插件 如何才能在chatgpt当中使用呢

安装了插件 如何才能在chatgpt当中使用呢

Jimmy Leman

Jan 30, 2024

browser issue

hi i've tryed to instal few voice controler extension like your's on my browser (Opera) and no onces working proprely
have you any information about voice controler extention compatibility issue with opera browsing ?

Khalil Ferhat

Jan 30, 2024

Issue when using Voice control

I have instaled the extension but I encountered this error even if I enable the microphone on chrome :
"Speech recognition not supported in this browser. Must be Chrome (Windows + macOS) or Edge (Windows only)."

Michel Rathier

Jan 29, 2024

Change voice

Can i change the voice from male to female

Pradhyuman Choudhary

Jan 4, 2024


how to change line while speaking ,s there a command for that?
also, for coma ,full stop ,etc.

Hanlon's Razor

Jan 3, 2024

Voice Control for ChatGPT not working

I've used the extension extensively in the past, but now I can't get it to register anything I'm speaking. I've verified with other apps that the input settings are all working, so voice works on other applications. When I press the space bar in ChatGPT, I see the red record button activate in the Chrome Browser tab, and I also see the microphone button appear at the top of my Mac, indicating that it is recording....yet nothing appears in the text box within ChatGPT. I've confirmed permissions, etc. Not sure what else to try.

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