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Zowie Hansen

Apr 10, 2024

Doesn't work at all, won't even open

I installed this because it is necessary for my class exams, and it is inoperable. I have added the extension to my chrome book, and when I click on it to open it; nothing happens. It won't open, it simply doesn't exist. It is just an icon that cannot be interacted with. I have tried changing the permissions, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing works. It is useless.

Alex Gubin

Feb 18, 2022

Ошибка: Файлы отсутствуют.

Ошибка: Файлы отсутствуют.
вот такую ошибку выдает после скачивания.

kalidass krishnan

Nov 9, 2020

Session management is is disabled

how to enable to session management enable

divya dravid

Mar 26, 2020

unable to open anything on VMWARE

While launching vmware nothing i can click

Google apps