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May 1, 2024

It doesn't still show compare difference text on green backgrand at vesion 4.71

It doesn't still show compare difference text on green backgrand at vesion 4.71
please fix it
vesion 3.XX can normal on January
why not go back 3.XX vesion ?

Alice Wünderland

Apr 28, 2024

Future updates

Any plans to update this extension to function more similarly to Page Monitor for those of us who were forced to switch over? At the very least, there absolutely needs to be an option to not open everything in a new window. I'm not sure why that's not an option, let alone not the default, considering how ridiculously ram-hungry Chrome is. Having the extension notify me of 2-3 dozen updated pages, only for them to all open in separate windows is just a baffling design decision. If you at least made this one change then the extension would actually be viable, but as it is, I'm forced to try to keep track of all these pages manually instead.

Roger Senna

Apr 28, 2024

Stopped Working

After the latest Chrome update, the jobs list has emptied and I can't create new jobs.


Apr 25, 2024


After launching the browser, you have to manually click the check everything now button every time, otherwise there will be no automatic checks.

Bring back Page Monitor version 3.4.8, which works great on the latest versions of Chrome. Not like the broken versions >4.0

paolo gava

Apr 12, 2024

lost all my monitored pages

I have been monitoring several internet pages for months with the chrome extension my entire list has vanished!!!


Feb 27, 2024

I would donate money, Please fix browser bug

Browser compare don't show green backgrand on diffent text ,plesae fix it


Feb 18, 2024

Not working

Browser compare don't show diffent text on blue backgrand ,plesae fix it
and at Windows 7 ,It's not working when I click StarMonitorting , Just loading

Carolina Sandelis

Feb 4, 2024

Not pinging

It is not working/notifying. I have to turn the extension on and off and then I get all the notifications.

Alex Chan

Jan 24, 2024

4.5.1 cannot show "view all updates" with multiple tabs

In case there are 6 updated pages recorded, only 1st compare difference tab pops out and remaining 5 updates pages vanished and now shown their compare difference tabs.

Alex Chan

Jan 21, 2024

unable to show changes page after updating to 4.4.0

found unable to show compare changes page after updating to 4.4.0.
it still works on 13 Jan, unsure the version on 13 Jan.

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