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J. Musial

Nov 10, 2023

Browser monitoring broken since update

Nothing about browser monitoring is working for me now, and often times the app won't even load and I have to reinstall it to get it to open. But still won't work either way. Fully updated Chrome on Windows 11.

Jimmy Bionic

Nov 7, 2023

VisualPing still doesn't work after 2nd update to version 4.2.4

1) It doesn't allow me to import the settings from backups
2) The button "Pick element" ain't working too, it doesn't allow the selection focus to appear on the webpage. "Start monitoring" ain't working either

This is the latest Chrome browser 119.0.6045.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) running on Windows 10 22H2 Home

Hylian Shield

Nov 4, 2023

Does not monitor properly

New update doesn't allow me to monitor jobs. When I try to set it up a browser, it doens't allow me to pick element, I click and nothing and doesn't store the job. Please fix

Rahul Prakash

Nov 4, 2023



Matteo C

Nov 29, 2021

Sync browser jobs

Can you add syncing for browser jobs?

ahmad arzhangi

Nov 4, 2021


Where is this program added to Groom stored? How can it be accessed? Please advise

Miguel Cazorla

Aug 31, 2021

network appersdown (0) Rescheduling check.

I just updated Chrome and now that message appeared and no checking is done.


Aug 24, 2021

network appersdown (0) Rescheduling check.

It is no longer working properly.
No matter what I do, no matter if I change the browser, the computer, or the connection, it is not detected. Could it be because of the update?

network appersdown (0) Rescheduling check.

Olivier d'Entremont

May 25, 2021

Area-Selection does not work properly on the browser side.

I selected an area for the extension to monitor on a website, but I receive pings every 30min (as it is setup) when stuff outside the selection are changing (using the browser version). It is merely acting as a reminder to check the website every 30mins now, which is really annoying because I do not know if there was an actual change and have to check myself every time since I cannot trust the pings.

Mehmet Dağnilak

May 14, 2021

Why are there two copies of this extension?

When I search for "VisualPing" in Chrome extension store, two extensions appear with the same name. Both seems to be belonging to you. What's the difference?

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