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Volkan Uslu

Jul 14, 2024

1 yıllık lısans sorunu

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Dmitriy Sotnikov

Jan 19, 2024

SVG fill property

Please add editing the fill property.

Mark Harrell

Nov 11, 2023

Reordering the screen

I love this extension, unfortunately it is causing certain parts of the screen to reorder on the wrong layer. When I click on my software program that holds the code it causes the pop up box that is important to see to be behind the main window. I have a screenshot I can show you but it does not allow to add it here.

Myriel Avilen

Sep 2, 2023

How do I edit text?

How do I edit text? (the content, not the formatting)

Zoe Friedlander

Feb 3, 2023

Visual CSS Editor Chrome Extension

Hi! Does this extension work for ANY website or just Wordpress websites? I see this: "Customize any website visually." but I can't figure out how to use it. I have installed the Chrome extension and am trying to edit a web site in Chrome. Thank you!

Yuri curi leite

Dec 19, 2022


how do i see the css code

Jam Bone

Apr 16, 2022

How do I unlock the ability to use this everywhere?

I don't want to buy a wordpress plugin. I want a browser extension that I can use for editing CSS anywhere! Why don't you offer the ability to buy a pro version of this extension that works on any site (even wordpress?). As long as I can edit the CSS then copy the generated code, I'm good. I don't need it to directly integrate into any specific site.

I'm a web developer that wants to use this as a tool for work to simplify customizing website CSS. Not a noob that wants to tweak how their blog that no one reads looks.

Atif Rehmani

Apr 7, 2022

Record Should be save

Whatever you have changed it should be saved in one place like (the Stylebot add-on) because when you refresh, your previous changes destroy.

Atif Rehmani

Apr 7, 2022

Should be export with any wordpress website

If someone doesn't have a WordPress website and is just working on an unknown person, any WordPress website then at least the CSS should be copied/exported.

hope for this update :-)

Fátima Friaça

Sep 29, 2021


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