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Максим Гореликов

Apr 26, 2024

Close interface bug

How to reproduce
1. Open interface by Alt + Shift + D.
2. Close interface by Alt + Shift + D.

- console error
- popover closed but mouse highlight elements by mouseover

Colonsole Error:
(exemple: my angular app)
zone.js:144 Uncaught TypeError: this.hidePopover(...) is not a function
at nh.cleanup (bundle.min.js:12:310522)
at nh.disconnectedCallback (bundle.min.js:12:309348)
at _ZoneDelegate.invoke (zone.js:368:26)
at _Zone.runGuarded (zone.js:140:47)
at nh.<anonymous> (zone.js:124:29)

(exemple: github site)
Uncaught TypeError: this.hidePopover(...) is not a function
at HTMLElement.cleanup (bundle.min.js:12:310522)
at HTMLElement.disconnectedCallback (bundle.min.js:12:309348)

Vadym Svarnyk

Sep 5, 2023

Search traffic monetization


I hope this message finds you well. My name is Vadim, and I recently came across your browser extension:

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In comparison to other search providers, I can offer you a more favorable arrangement, with a higher revenue-sharing model.

If you would like more information. You can add me on Skype using the following id: live:.cid.410eb6c0e86fb0ef.

Furthermore, if you are open to the idea of selling your extension, we are open to exploring that possibility. Please share some statistics, and we can delve into potential avenues for collaboration.

Marina Kopylova

May 2, 2023

Can you make copying the color from the color picker available?

I am a big fan of your tool and it has been very useful for me. However, I often use color sampling on web pages and I have noticed that VizBug doesn't currently allow me to copy the color from the picker box. Additionally, I am unable to type in HEX codes manually into another program because VizBug closes as soon as I navigate to another window.

I was hoping that I could use one extension for everything and I was wondering if it would be possible to make your color picker more similar to Colorzilla. Colorzilla's picker allows for easy copying of HEX codes, which would be very helpful for my workflow.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

shifeng su

Apr 19, 2023


The Rem page will be very large

Brandon Johnson

Oct 3, 2022

Does this extension work anymore?

I am clicking the extension but nothing is happening. I get no toolbar or grid and this is lame to not know why the extension is not functioning like in the video.

alejandro zunino

Jul 13, 2022

no funciona

En mac no aparece

Michael Nietzold

Jul 7, 2022

Demonstration Video

you should add to the description that i have to jump to minute 23:00 to see the demonstration of VisBug - otherwise i see at first glimpse why i should look at a random video from 2018

XeiDaMoKa !

Apr 4, 2022

the most important tool missing

please you must add a tool to save the changes so it stays after refresh , thats the whole point of having a extension to prevent code
much appreciated

Monica Velazquez

Mar 23, 2022

Is this your code? please examine

Hi, The below code was attached to one of my downloads this morning when I opened my computer. I didn't see it until I went to change the format of the file.
Can you please tell me what this will do to my computer? Here is the code:
And would you kindly advise how I can get rid of this?

Md. Nahidul Alam Chowdhury

Sep 5, 2021

Can not change font size using font style

When I clean install visbug in another chrome, It works. But in my browser it can not change the font size when I activate font style. Probably another extensions causing this problem.
How can I fix it?

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