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Megs Hinger

Mar 11, 2024

Gmail Errors

Keep receiving gmail errors due to virtru when attempting to send encrypted emails (with attachments)
Errors received from gmail are 001 and 2014.
I have gone over this with my company's IT department several times now. It's not an internet connectivity issue and all my settings have been gone through. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Virtru as well.
Is this a known issue starting in January 2024?

kimberly kelly

Feb 14, 2024

Not showing up on gmail

Suddenly disappeared toggle when trying to email encrypted. Removed and re-downloaded twice without fixing the problem

Rosemarie Cintron

Jan 16, 2024


How do i activaye

Ahitsha Ortiz

Nov 9, 2023

recipient can't decrypt

recipient can't decrypt after following prompts. how to fix?

Ahitsha Ortiz

Nov 9, 2023

recipient states can't decrypt the message.

I sent an email and the recipient stated could not decrypt the message. How to fix?

Daniela Flores

Sep 5, 2023

Using virtru protection

I cannot turn on my virtru protection when sending an email. I am told "you are not authorized to send securely. Please contact your administrator virtru"

Samantha Bagnato

Aug 9, 2023

Unable to Install

When trying to install the extension on Chrome I receive an immediate error. After clicking the "Add Extension" button, a message pops up that reads "An Error Has Occured / USER_CANCELED" with two options of "Reload" or "Close". Do you know why this is happening or how to troubleshoot it?

Lilian Orumana

May 2, 2023

Not receiving the welcome email after installing and adding Virtru to googlechrome as an extension.

Not receiving the welcome email after installing and adding Virtru to googlechrome as an extension.

Don Dumas

Apr 19, 2023


I use outlook as my page to access and work on my gmail accounts as it is much more functional If I activate virtu for the gmail accounts will it work in encryption in outlook?

Erica Kramer

Mar 20, 2023

Error #001

Recevied this error,

Not able to send composed emails with extension enabled. Essentially need to quit out of gmail and go back in for it to work.

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