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Sergio Vazquez II

Dec 1, 2022

Viewport Resizer - Custom Size BUG

There is a BUG in Viewport Resizer that consistently RESETS the custom viewport size ANY time you navigate. This is NOT the expected functionality, and does NOT happen when viewing ANY of the other sizes.

Edward Cox

Jul 13, 2022

Unable to use with Shopify store

Access denied: Cross-domain security error
Is this something that I need to take up with Shopify or is there a way to tell Responsive Design Tool that it's safe?
Thank you

Quran-Instituut al-Husayn

Feb 17, 2022

Not showing on a specific site

Hi the resizer wont show on my site
Do you know why this is not working.


Jan 31, 2022

Can't use it anymore

Everything was working fine but now I just have a white page when I click on the extension. I'm on macOS Monterey (Apple M1) and Chrome is up to date.

Edward Cox

Dec 6, 2021

Does not support Shopify pages

Access denied: Cross-domain security error
every single time. How frustrating.


Mohamed Alkhalifa

Jun 13, 2021

Mac Chrome

Hello! Your extension looks amazing! But I was unable to use it. Nothing happens when I click the extension icon on Google Chrome (Mac).

Whats weird is that when I tried to create a custom extension on your website, the dropdown was visible and functional. But when i go back to another window and click the extension button, again nothing happens.


Jun 8, 2021

Changeable presets!

Would be so nice for testing other devices that aren't in the current list. Great extension btw, it's the only one I found that can mimic viewports bigger than the current resolution, which is pretty cool.

Dave Giffney

Jul 16, 2020

Not working

Does not display toolbar using Mac
Chrome: Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS X: 10.15.5

Marcia Alegria

Jul 15, 2020

no funciona

clickeo la extension y la primeera vez funciono pero despues de eso no funciono mas

Christoph Päper

Jul 13, 2020


There apparently is a website for the extension at but it is not listed in the Chrome Web Store. Since the extension has no Options page, it is also not accessible from there.

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