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Robert Dell'Aquila

Nov 7, 2023

Clicking the extension goes right to your Chrome Extension page.

I'm trying to access the rendered HTML from a certain site, but when I click the extension, it goes right to your Chrome Extension page. Are there certain settings I need to change for it to render properly?

Javier Eduardo

Mar 8, 2023

Syntax Highlight

Hi, very useful extensión , thank you. Could you provide Syntax Highlight for the code? It should do the code more readable.

Johanna Maier

Jan 4, 2023

Serverside vs. Clientside Rendering

Hi Jon, first of all thanks for providing this awesome tool! One question: Does the original source code already reflect changes made by JavaScript that was rendered on the server? Or does the before/after view include all the changes made by JavaScript? Many thanks already

Ian Hill

Sep 4, 2022

Increase fetch time to render page

Hi Jon,
Is there any chance of adding a setting to manually increase the timeout of the render time for a page?
Currently it timesout at 10 seconds.

I'm working with several bad sits, I need to be able to adjust this, needs to go up to a max of say 35-40 seconds.
Could this feature be added in an update?

Hope you might be able to help here.
great plugin

Best regards
Ian H

Zain Ul Abaidin

Mar 23, 2022

Difference between Red and Green Color lines in extension

First of all thank you creating this tool as its very helpful. I want to ask when I see red lines of code in this extension in "Difference" section which I believe that code is not read by Google but I also see that same code in green lines under red lines. Why green color lines are having same red lines code? I am little confused what is purpose of green lines?

Kai Luo

Dec 9, 2021

Important privacy improvement

Use the "activeTab" permission instead of requesting the permission to "Access your data on all websites":

Sascha Krenner

Nov 8, 2021

Privacy practices

I really like to use your Plugin.
Our company need infos for „Privacy practices“ to approve the Plugin internally. Could you please fill the tab with information? That would be great.


James Pearce

Oct 18, 2021

Not working for me

Hey, seems several people struggling, tried both right clicking and clicking the View Rendered Source and also clicking the V icon in Chrome extensions solutions welcome!

Helen Yapp

Oct 13, 2021

Nothing happens when I click on the blue V to use the extension

Hi there - I'm having trouble with using this extension as it does not seem to be doing anything when I click on the blue V - is there something obvious I missed when installing it do you think?

Sun Communities

Mar 23, 2021

Using view rendering source

How do you use this tool? I don't see where I can enter a URL?

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