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Dec 18, 2023

Doesn't work

After installing today the last version, it doesn't work anymore eithr on Chrome and Slimjet. It's such a usefule extension I used for years...

Carlos Alvarez

Mar 17, 2021

Not working on Vivaldi


It works fine on Opera but on Vivaldi I can add pages to the list (the little number with the count is correct) but it just does not open then.

Why is that since I installed it from the Chrome web store.

Fawaz Akhtar

Dec 17, 2020

Slow loading

Why does it take like 10 secs to load?

Raymundo Castro

Sep 11, 2020

the notifications stopped working

after a certain point, notifications stopped working when saving new links. already tried resintalling, or turning the notifications off and on again

Fawaz Akhtar

Sep 5, 2020

Custom text and Tagging

Can you please include the ability to add tags and custom texts to descriptions like there were in the old Firefox Pocket add-on? Thank you.

saurabh verma

Sep 3, 2020

Why do you need to read all data of websites?

Why can't you use URLs to create the stack?

Dark Shark

Apr 29, 2019

Очистил кеш браузера Chrome и все мои страницы сохраненные в расширении View Later тоже затерлись

Я случайно очистил кеш браузера Google Chrome и все мои страницы сохраненные в расширении View Later тоже затерлись. Мне очень нужно их восстановить. Помогите пожалуйста

Mạnh Trần Thế

Dec 16, 2017

delete all link

Could you please add function to delete all link have saved.
After add link i need delete all every day.
Thank you

Peter Bender

Sep 14, 2017

Change Hotkeys?

The ctrl+shift+pgup & ctrl+shift+pgdown hotkeys are interfering with the google drive hotkeys for navigating between worksheets in a google sheet. Is there any way to disable or change these keyboard shortcuts?

Lazar Miković

Sep 9, 2017

Lost links

I'm using View Later extension in Google chrome.
After I update chrome to new version 61, and sync google account, I lost my links from View Later extension.
Is there any way to restore all my links?

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