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Jun 14, 2024

mp4 problem

mp4 has problem with new(latest) version of chrome.

Jsar411 Jsar411

Apr 10, 2024

Computer crashed while recording due to battery

My laptop battery drained and crashed during recording.
I am unable to see the recording in the recordings section.
I would like to know where the temporary file for recording is located in Windows 10.

Dinora KHamraeva

Feb 24, 2024

Uninstall an app on MacBook air

What do I need to enter to delete my account? I click delete, they ask me to log in to my account, but after logging in I can’t log in, it says: Wrong input

Sudenur Odabaşı

Mar 29, 2023

vidline changes the voice quality

hi! recently i have problem with the sound. Everytime i try to record the tab it changes the voice and distorts the voice. I cannot record anymore pls help

Tec Expert

Feb 17, 2023

I am not able to play or download the video

I am not able to play or download the video.
I noticed that the actual content of the file due to this it is not play and if i try to download the file that the file size is about to 250-400 kb only.
I have tried to reinstall the extension, not it is working fine for new videos but I have lost my old recordings.
One more issue is that If I share an application screen than it only record the screen not the sound of that app.
I want to know the system directory and please check the both issue once.
A part from these issue it is nice.

Christer Sven-Åke Johansson

Nov 19, 2022


i alla e poster

Bart Morzynski

Oct 19, 2022

Video length

Hi team, just one question - what is the maximum length of the video we can record?
Your app is fantastic, especially considering it's free of charge.

Thorsten Hunsicker

Oct 19, 2022

Bug Fixes

Hey guys, I have tried Vidline a few times now and found a few bugs you need to fix:

1. There is no contact, no imprint and no support option ANYWHERE! I had to google it to find the extension and contact you here. Seriously? Get a Live Chat app installed inside your app. It´s a no-brainer!

2. The share links do not work properly. On the screen after the recording nothing shows up in the share section, no button or link, nothing.

3. When you go to the account section and click on the three buttons and copy the share link, then it includes some cleartext that will prevent it from being pasted into a web browser. Please remove the clear text and only have the share link there.

Cannot add a screenshot here, else I would show you... THX :)
Otherwise I like it so far.


Oct 19, 2022


hi when im trying to desktop screen record it only records but without any audio or a sound are you guy aware of this? and if so is it possible to get it fixed as soon as possible? my other question is what is main root cause of the problem? if you can please reply to my message asap it will mean a lot to me its very important and urgent

Iris Wu

May 2, 2022

long time to upload the recording

I record the 3-hour video on 5/1/22.
But now the uploading process still nor finished and I can't check the any progress of the uploading status.
Could I know is it broken?
Should I keep waiting......?
No matter what thanks for the app.

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