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Rizky Zoom

May 13, 2024

Mau pakai ini

Saya tidak bisa pakai vidio speed controller. Knpa?

Alexander Gonzalez

Sep 28, 2023

change the video duration indicator based on video speed

add an option to detect/find the video time indicator and divide it by the sped up time
if you are at 10 minutes in a 20 minute video on youtube it would be 10:00/20:00
if you have this video on 2x speed it would edit the display to be 5:00/10:00


Sep 22, 2023

speed controller extension

how to apply this extension apply button not seeing

marina “091309116” perez perez

Apr 21, 2023


no funcina la extencion speed controller

Iago Lima

Jul 18, 2021

não esta funcionando

parou de funcionar

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