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Feb 21, 2022


Оформляли подписку год назад, платную (3199р) и забыли отменить ее, пришло уведомление, что нехватка средств и т.д. Данные для входа утеряны и мы не можем через приложение отменить подписку, подскажите, отменена ли подписка при нехватке средств, если нет, то можете ли вы ее отменить?

beng1 song

Aug 11, 2020

Recording a video

I leaned how to record a video. I do not know how to save it on the hard disk of my computer.

how do I save it on computer hard disk?

beng1 song

Aug 11, 2020

After I record the video, how to I save it?

After I record the video, how to I save it? where do I save it? it saves in which file format?

how do I find a saved copy of the video I recorded? Where do I look for the saved copy of the video I recorded?

Mike Billington

Aug 11, 2020

mailing a recording

How do you mail out a video once it is made?

B. Shafier

May 17, 2020

Long video

I host zoom webinars. The zoom recording are grainy and low quality. My web cam takes very sharp videos. I am looking for a web cam recorder that will record an hour long lecture. I can't stop in the middle to record on another file.

Amy Townsend

May 11, 2020


I recorded a video on my chromebook use your app Video Recorder. If I email the file it is corrupt when the user receives it. Please advise.

Chiara Gustafson

May 7, 2020

saving videos

when i save and download videos i take on here, they show up as black, but they show up fine on the actual site. and once i leave the site they disappear

Cameron Crew

Apr 30, 2020

Using for school

Hi there,

I am a school teaching and want to have my students use this app. However the picture you use of the woman lying on the bed has a pornographic feel to it.

I couldn't possibly suggest students visit this site to download when you are using this particular picture. Can you please change it?

pas dog

Apr 27, 2020


I am very pleased with this program i used video recording.But something boders me is this site safe?When we use video recorder and processing him is this video go also on some site or just we can see this file Thanks bro Good job

Olivia Smith

Feb 16, 2020

where does t go???

I don't know where the video is going but I need it to edit it but I cant unless you tell me where it goes

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