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sagar sojitra

Apr 27, 2024

how to pay by google pay for upgradation of snipo slash card limit ?

how to pay by google pay for upgradation of snipo slash card limit ?

Tailin Huang

Mar 21, 2024

Snipo lost connection with my Notion

Hi Dima, Thank you for providing this wonderful tool. I tested changing the Youtube database page title and Snipo stopped to function even after I changed back the page title. I tried to reinstall Snipo, but didn't work. Is there a way to fix it.
Also, I wonder if it is possible to put all my video notes in on Snipo database instead of seperate databases for diferent sources? That'll make it easier for me to search for notes or create relations with other databases. Thank you for your assistance.

Ameya Ambulkar

Dec 5, 2023

Unsubscribe the paid subscription

Hi I need to find a way to unsubscribe from paid subscription.


Nov 21, 2023

Why is this needed?

Snipo will be able to see basic information about all workspace members and guest data, including their names, profile images, and email addresses

This seems overly broad. Trying to think of a reason you would need to collect guest data and not coming up with one.

Jonelle Yu

Jun 30, 2023

how to connect to the web version instead of mac app when clicking the "make note" button under a Youtube video

Hi, now when I click the "make note" button under a Youtube video, it tries to connect the Mac App, and stuck on a page says "... redirecting... or click here to connect web...". How do I change the setting to make it connect to web version directly? Thank you.

Harris Kunakira

Jun 1, 2023

Create note for individual video in Udemy

Hello, I encountered a few issues while using Snipo on Udemy. Firstly, when I attempt to create a video note by clicking the button, it generates empty notes for every video within the course. Also, when I close the split screen and reopen it at a later time, duplicate notes are generated for certain videos. Is there a way to create notes for individual videos rather than the entire course?

Fabio Crestale

Mar 24, 2023

Non Funziona

Snipo per chrome non funziona più, clicco ma non mi riporta nulla in Notion. Cosa devo fare?

Colin Hughes

Mar 16, 2023

Recent release seems to have broken timestamps

I have just come back to Snipo to notate some study I want to do on YouTube and I find that you now:
• open the video fullscreen on a different screen to the Notion page
• the Notion page opens in the app and not another tab (I know I have defaulted Notion pages to open in the app, but you used to open them in another tab - I'm mentioning this in case this informs the next problem - read on!)
• the Snipo video controls no longer work (including the timestamp).

Unfortunately these changes render Snipo unuseable for me but I'll keep it installed for now in the hope these are bugs introduced in yesterday's update that you are able to fix.

Thanks for a great plugin though - it was good while it lasted for me and I appreciate you making it available with a free version.


Jan 4, 2023


Can you go into detail regarding your privacy policy and what information you collect and why.

Ernst Neumeister

Dec 16, 2022

shortcut issues

Great extension, thanks a lot. Facing some shortcut issues here on a MacBook with newest Chrome. German Laptop & Settings.

⌘+Shift+, does not work at all.

⌘+Shift+k does not work, when I simultaniously have activated the Notion Web Clipper. It's instead opening the Web Clipper and I can't find any options to change the shortcuts.

⌘+Shift+Space does work :)

⌘+Shift+7 is opening "Chrome Help"

⌘+Shift+8 is opening my own Screenshot tool

⌘+Shift+9 is opening my second Screenshot tool :D

⌘+Shift+0 is doing nothing again.

Overall: I think a settings menu, where users could change shortcuts would be great, if possible. :)

Keep it up!

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