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Oct 16, 2023

No se deshabilita las opciones avanzadas

Lo tengo desactivado y lo sigue mostrando al intentar salir.
Me parece muy incomodo ya que lo tengo en el atajo de ctrl+space y no se quita ni dandole al icono, eso me obliga a recargar la página :/

Marcos Gomes

Oct 5, 2023

Error manifest

The extension have a problem with manifest file!

Tom N (trophygeek)

Sep 21, 2023


Hello, I'm the author of this chrome extension. The Chrome store's "report a problem" doesn't always notify when a new item is added. Please use github for faster responses:

Kelsie MW (TinyPoro)

Sep 21, 2023


ever since today when i use it to watch my episodes which has auto next/play for the episode the auto maximize doesn't apply i have to click it manually it didn't happen before only today T_T help pplz

Scott Wilkinson

Sep 13, 2022

Any way to select which video gets maximized?

I'm trying to view some videos on Adobe's tutorials pages and each page has multiple videos.... I'm only able to maximize the first on the page. Is there a way to select which video is maximized?

Devon Blaker (MachineIntheGhost)

Jun 4, 2022

Video not centered on some website this website's video expands when you click expander but the video is pushed to the right cutting off the right side and leaving a black bar on the left


May 18, 2022

Video not centered on some websites.

Video will not be centered on some websites, I imagine the link of the video I am experiencing it on will be down by the time this is reviewed, but I wanted to show an example, maybe an option can be included that if this occurs that it can be corrected.

Rodrigo Santos

May 13, 2022

Key shortcut

Hello! What about some shortcut to activate the extension? Plus can you tell me how do you made this extension? Do you have GitHub?

To Koz

Apr 28, 2022

Manual select crop area

Is it possible to implement a function to select the video with a frame, like a screenshot tool? So that the plugin can crop the selected area and zoom it to the screen resolution.
The idea came to me because sometimes a stream has hardcoded black bars and even the plugin or the monitor/tv is not able to zoom the video to full size. You always have the bars.

Cody Holle

Apr 16, 2022

URL site not working

this website's video expands when you click expander but the video is cut off at the bottom.

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