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Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Jul 31, 2021


something went wrong it not working so i don' t use anymore

Aherece ARC

Aug 3, 2020

Ne fonctionne plus du tout depuis hier

Bonjour, l'application Video Deck for Youtube ne fonctionne plus, figée sur "Feeds"

Un support existe-t-il encore ? Merci


Feb 28, 2020

Can't sign in

The "Sign in with Google" botton doesn't do nothing, so I can't use the desktop app at all.
The extension works well for me, but I like more the desktop version.

Daniel Krysiak

Sep 21, 2019

Hangs on welcome screen

Youtube Videodeck hangs on "Welcome!". Every browser, in incognito mode, etc. Works only if I change Google Account.

Brad Barnes

Aug 10, 2017

how to uninstall

it is located no where there is no option to uninstall

Sam Mansfield

May 7, 2017


Previous versions were wonderful, but the latest version seems to crash after being open for about an hour :(


Aug 4, 2016


I accidentally put in the wrong account, no idea how you change the account!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 27, 2016


This wont let me unistall

DeCarlo Woodhouse

Jul 10, 2016

Minimize Deck without Affecting Browser

Hello Video Deck Staff,

I think that this app is a great idea and is easy to use. The only issue I have with it is that the deck cannot be minimized without stopping video playback (whether or not dock is selected). If I try to send it to another player instead, I loose the consecutive playlist playback.

Any workarounds for this?



Anna R

Jun 1, 2016


I'm trying to get premium and when I check out with paypal and press 'agree and continue' I get a blank page with this {"code":999,"message":"Invalid state"}

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