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Alessio C.

Oct 27, 2022

The extension doesn't work properly anymore

Like others has said in comments, from some days this extension cause all the comments and video on the right side of youtube to completely disappear... I'm forced to disable this extension that has been useful until now. I hope you will be able to fix it, thanks.

Roxanne McCloud

Oct 27, 2022

Stopped working

It no longer shows ANY videos while on, which is bad.

Sai A

Oct 27, 2022

Extension blocks comments and side videos from showing

Hello, this is a new issue I've noticed today. When the extension is on, no comments or side videos show up. The main video/video description/youtube buttons are still there but the surrounding area is just blank.

Justin Jones

Oct 27, 2022

Exclusion list


Let me first say I love your program, it's great at blocking all those autorunning ads that google refuses to block. :)
The one thing I was wondering though was if you can build a website exclusion list option into it. I only ask because video chat apps like amazon chime which operate in the browser tend to block the other participates camera in the video chat.

thanks again for the great program!

Lucian Andries

Oct 27, 2022

Very BIG issue:

It blocks very well, no issue there. BUT, it slows down Chrome like hell....... For so long I thought it was just Chrome, when in fact it was this extension...... I had to uninstall it. But if you fix it, I'll be glad to install it again. So please fix the issue! PS: Remove the rainbow icon image overlay from videos, it's ugly. Only keep the top one that says "blocked". That one is enough.


Oct 27, 2022

not blocking

not blocking


Oct 27, 2022

Not a big issue not showing on webpage video

Your app is worth a coffee / glass of Beer .............
app not showing on,34924.html

Dushmantha Pushpa Kumara

Oct 27, 2022

youtube video play bar is still loading

good for stop playing. but youtube video play bar is still loading

Dan L

Oct 27, 2022

Whitelisting not working properly

When I try to whitelist '' or '' or '' the extension only offers to whitelist ''. Is there a timeline for this to be fixed?

Josh Nay

Oct 27, 2022

lost all sound on PC

After installing this extension I was no longer able to play or listen to Music on my PC. It completely disabled the sounds on my PC.
Running Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Enterprise 17134.1009.
Tried to play music from Google Play, Youtube Music, Youtube, and Amazon. None will work.
I really enjoyed not having to see the videos for a few days, but I Have to have my music so I uninstalled.

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