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Nutrition Capital

Apr 26, 2022

Print Options arent working


I've downloaded your app on 4 other laptops with success.
I've attempted on a 5th and it is displaying "Vextend Enabled" along with the full screen feature etc

What isnt working is the ability to print labels in bulk off the catalog menu.
Furthermore, when i select a variant to print labels, the Vextend editing page before printing isnt displaying either.

Your help is really appreciated.

If it helps i am using Windows 10

Device name LAPTOP-57TFMD7R
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.10 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB (5.95 GB usable)
Device ID 96DBE171-3905-4785-9E04-469DA31D1225
Product ID 00325-81721-86091-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display

Nicolas Hesson

Apr 10, 2022


I bought a TSP650II but I can't seem to get WebPRNT to work. IP address is correct, drivers installed, does Chrome block webPrnt commands?

Carlo Monasterial

Aug 9, 2021

First time using your app

Hi there,

I am trying to use your Vexetend app but in the second screen that I am using was not showing up anything. I did extend my PC to another screen. I am doing a trial of Vendhq and not sure how I can extend it.



Mo Sam

Jul 27, 2021

Customer Screen - Remove Tax Field

Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to thank you sincerely for the great application you have created which allows us to extend vend display to customers. It has been working wonderfully in our retail stores in the UK.

We are facing an issue here in the UK, where customers can see the TAX Field, but they do not all understand that the tax is calculated within rather than on top. This causes frustration with some customers which often leads to a heated conversation.

If there is a way, please is there a possibility, you could have an option on the backend where the user can choose to deactivate the tax field?

We would be ever so grateful if this could be possible.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jan 23, 2021

Small(ish) Project


We are using VEND POS and we would be interested in small custom work. We would like to add filter by supplier to Stock Transfer option. Would you be interested to discuss on the project?

trevor nezar

Aug 5, 2020


I need to remove the US$ symbol on the customer display

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 11, 2020

Vextend - printing

Hi - great idea ....addresses lots of the little annoying things that Vend have not ...however - still not sorted printing out for us on our win10 POS system
1) have been using --kiosk --kiosk-printing in Chrome to get kiosk screen and to drive through print preview straight to print - however print preview still appears (briefly) and then goes away and then the cash draw triggers and then the receipt prints - elapsed time >5 secs.... very frustrating
2) if you use --disable-print-preview in Chrome start up with --Kiosk and --kiosk-printing then you get no print preview screen BUT you get the standard print dialogue box where you have to confirm printer by pressing "Print" button again - same time and another pressing of button
3) Spoke to Vend - no help - other than to point me at your extension
4) installed and run it but still get print preview ghost up then another screen with **Open Cash Drawer** in background then it prints time saving
5) Understand that using java you can use windows.print() to go straight through to print without any screens - Vend cant do it because they need to run this on Macs and that wont work there but..... can it be done in Extension??

In short we want a print button that does that realtime lag whilst it goes away and thinks about it...
Like the other features in your tool .....might be a couple of other ideas we can talk about if we can resolve this one.

Alx Spiker

Feb 26, 2020

Possible Feature request?

Very helpful vend extension, I just wish that the cash intervals were broken down more or provide an option where I can set the intervals like "5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 and then a setting to set how many of the next closest ones to the total is. Example Total is $23.45, and my setting is the next 3, it would show 25, 30, and 35 as they are the next 3. Thank you!

Pinoy Diner

Jan 22, 2020

Spent hours trying to figure out how this thing works

Can you let us know how this works.

Loaded Vend Sell on browser
Added extension
reloaded browser
clicked extension (seems to be active)
Nothing works

Repeat so many times, nothing works

Any suggestions?

KVS Vapour Shops Inc.

Jan 6, 2020

no overlays

it doesnt appear to show any overlays for quick pay

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