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Apr 22, 2024

Doesnt work as intended anymore

When trying to activate it now it just shows the chat. No video. Chat is on top, nothing bottom

El Rey Zero

Apr 20, 2024

Chat moved to a wrong position

Found a bug since yesterday April 20th. Now when you toggle the chat it's being displayed on top of the video making it impossible to watch, twitch must have changed something breaking the extension


Apr 19, 2024

Chat covers the video.


Just a few minutes ago I've come across a problem in which the chat window completely covers the video when entering vertical mode. It does this in private with this extension as the only one enabled as well. I'm using this extension in edge, but the same issue persists in chrome. Love this extension, hope you can find a fix!

Raphaël Mioche

Apr 9, 2024

Toggle button takes time to be ready + Toggle 2 times doesn’t work properly

Hi U Z,
Two issues:
1. If I load a Twitch live page the toggle button takes more time than before to be ready: if I click on it the vertical mode (chat below of the video) is displayed but the chat is a bit shifted to the left.
2. If I wait 2 or 3 seconds after charging a Twitch live page, then I click on the toggle button the vertical mode is displayed properly. But, if I continue by clicking one time on the toggle button OKay the Vertical Theater view is displayed, but if I continue to return to the “normal” mode (regular, with chat on the right) by clicking one time again on the toggle button the view displayed is regular view without chat. if I click one time again (4th) the vertical mode (chat below of the video) is displayed but the chat is a bit shifted to the left.
Could you fix it, please? I use your extension everyday, thanks for support it!

Miaow Minx

Mar 25, 2024

Chat often appearing far off to the left in non-theater Vertical mode

Thanks for fixing the "button not appearing on stream" so quickly!

I've been running into an issue with the location of the vertical chat window for the past month or so — when it's in regular vertical mode (not theater), it's very often skewed far to the left, so only about the right 1/4 of the chat is visible as seen here:

When that happens, clicking the button again repeatedly to cycle through the different modes (non-vertical, vertical, vertical theater) sometimes helps after a while; other times, I have to reload the stream and just try over a few more times before it'll show up aligned correctly. Sometimes it initially loads in the right place while the page is loading, then shifts off to the left.

I'm using the latest Vivaldi on Linux. The problem occurs even if I'm using a private/incognito window and the only extension active is Vertical Twitch.

Raphaël Mioche

Nov 2, 2023

Vertical Twitch extension button isn’t displayed

Hi U Z,

Did you submit an update to fix this issue?


안정호 (퓨로)

Nov 2, 2023

There's no button

I updated it to version 1.5,
I still don't see the vertical button on Twitch.
Is there any other way?


Nov 2, 2023

Still doesn't work


Miaow Minx

Nov 2, 2023

Button no longer appearing in streams

I've been using Vertical Twitch for over a year with no problems, but when I opened Twitch this afternoon, I noticed that the Vertical button was missing from the stream even though the button is still in my status bar. I've tried reloading the stream, playing different streams, restarting the browser (Vivaldi Snapshot, Linux), disabling & re-enabling Vertical Twitch, disabling my ad-blocker, and disabling all other extensions; nothing has brought it back.


Jul 22, 2023

Auto run function

Thanks for sharing such a great program. Could you please add a feature that allows the extension to run automatically when I turn on the stream?

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