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Scarlet Sheets

Sep 25, 2023


using victus computer so I have to use chrome. what are my alternative options?

Robin Odelius, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet anställd

Sep 13, 2022

Not working with latest ChromeOS on Chromebook

Not working with LabQuest2/Sensors for experiments with the latest update on Chromebooks.

When will you publish a new update of the program so it works for experiments again?
We use this every week with our students in physic experiments.

Jed Bowden

Jan 22, 2020

App on Chromebooks

Trying to get Graphical Analysis™ 4 on our Chromebooks here at our School. (The Covenant School) Can you assist me with this? When I click on add an app and search for vernier, I do not get anything to download. but when I google it, it takes me right to the place to download. Please advise!

Rebecca Kidwell

Oct 18, 2019

Chromebook Domain Install

Hi - Can you please publish the steps for finding an pushing the app in the Google Admin section so we can add this for our students using Chromebooks?

I can see the app to install for a single user, but it does not appear in Marketplace searches for domain install.


Ali Khan

Jul 29, 2019

Adding to G Suite for Chromebook deployment

Can you please send me the steps for finding the app in my Google admin Apps section so i can add this for our students using chromebooks

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 3, 2019

App Launch

When I attempt to launch this app it directs me to download another app. I am working on a windows computer.

Jennifer Pinkerton

Nov 6, 2018

Unable to download app

We have been trying to download this app onto chromebooks but are getting a blocked by admin popup. I've gotten with our IT and they claim that they have set it to install but it is not working. Any advice on what I need to tell them to unblock or if there is a compatibility issue with our chrome OS?

Frank Verre (verrefy)

Sep 27, 2018

Download issues

Hi, I am having issues downloading unto chromebooks...message says this extension is not allowed in this type of session......any suggestions? Let me know.

Mike Mcginnis

Sep 11, 2018


I saw your response to the data collection question earlier. Do you have a Privacy Policy available?
Thank You

Sam Edgecombe

Aug 17, 2018


What personal data does this app gather, if any? I need to know this in order to inform my employer due to the GDPR regulations.


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