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Jul 4, 2024

Downloading error.

When I tried to download the vencord web it said that there was an error downloading: could not move extension directory into profile.
and also that i am using windws 7 (in 2024)
and for that reason i can't download discord.
it is my request that please look forward to this vencord web downloading error.

Barack Obama

Jun 19, 2024


❌ DO NOT leave a negative review.
❌ DO NOT use the support hub. You aren't getting an answer.
✅ DO attempt to update the extension by removing and readding it.
✅ If this doesn't work, join the Vencord Support Server at

Raphael EKR

Jun 19, 2024

User Settings CRASH

When i open the user settings button, it crashes. and i cannot access my user settings with Vencord Web.
Thank you, developers.


Jun 18, 2024



Как Так

May 15, 2024

what to do

I used the extension, everything worked, but at one point, how do I return the Vencord section?

êfwd fe

Mar 12, 2024


discord has crashed

kleintje van steenis

Dec 6, 2023

Fake Nitro

Fake Nitro doesn't work. I restarted it, and then the features don't work.


Nov 8, 2023

Personal Datas Protection Law (KVKK) Issue

KVKK is Kişisel Verilerin Koruma Kanunu and means Personal Datas Protection Law. According to this law, people have their data being protected. I have seen that your plugin includes message logging which shows deleted messages. My friends send deleted messages over this plugin. I do not give permission for my deleted datas and messages still being able to be visible.

꧁Muaaz Naiman꧂ッ

Oct 25, 2023

Not Working!

Today Vencord is not working for several people, the extension is good but its not working today for some reason. Hope there will be a quick fix because I cant live without this extension! Please fix it


Oct 25, 2023


it says an error occurred, This item is already being downloaded in chrome

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