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Luca Giese

Oct 18, 2022

Invalid manifest

When I try to install the Addon it just keeps saying Invalid manifest

J Lo

Mar 2, 2022

Missing shape

Hello, I had used your software to design a log for my company. I need to revamp it a bit and my original pages are no longer available. Now I am trying to duplicate my original image, and since I cannot separate layers from my saved images I need to start over. There used to be a single "check mark" available.... Not with the circle surround. Any option to get this shape back?

Dương Đình Trung

Oct 20, 2021

Uninstall app?

I can't uninstall this app. What can i do?

Mila Andriolli Tavares

Oct 4, 2018

Resolution problem

how can i export with good resolution?

Mila Andriolli Tavares

Oct 4, 2018


The file resolution when exported is very bad. How can i export with good resolution?


Aug 25, 2018

왜 로그인이 안돼?

나는 고객인데 어제까지 사용했는데
왜 오늘 로그인이 안돼? 확인 요청합니다.

Ramzi “ReishiRamzi” Doughan

Jul 14, 2018

Remove the Ads

The software was great before the ads took up a good quarter of the screen estate. Give users the option to remove the ads by paying for the software please.

Jujua MOLINARI (Julia)

Jul 4, 2018

Good but incomplete

The main reason I don't use Vectr is because the text can't be transform. I like it because it's basic, simple to use but to have just straight text is useless.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 27, 2018

Vectr too big?

I can't open my svg to see what it looks like (had a jpg converted to Vectr). Is there another way to view this file?

Markus Mönttinen (Shapelessness)

Apr 10, 2018

Application error

Hi, I'm trying to access the website, but I'm being greeted with this message: "Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details."

Do you have any idea if this is just a temporary bug/error, or something else?

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