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Winnie Au Yeung

Jul 9, 2023

can not export to word...

Will there be a fix or should i cut my losses and redo the last 3 hours of work?

William Ollio

May 18, 2022

Cannot Export

Chrome : 101.0.4951.64
macOS Monterey : 12.3.1
Sign in Chrome
I can't export my progress. Thanks in advance for contacting me back

Jay Patel

Apr 15, 2022

Export not working - UX Check


I've greatly benefited from your UX Check chrome extension, but I can't export the data (Mac OS Monterey, Brave browser, latest version of UX Check chrome extension). Beyond manually copying and pasting, is there a way to get Export to work? It seemed to work on Windows yesterday. A colleague notified me of a similar issue.

-- Jay Patel

Cassius Rumsey

Aug 12, 2021

once installed not working

ux checker not responding when being clicked. how do i use once installed?

Cynthia Avila

Jul 16, 2021


Export doesn´t work, how can i fix?

Iva V

Dec 16, 2019

Export not working

Conducted a heuristic evaluation with my team, their export opened a word document but mine does not react no matter what I do.
Prevents me from contributing my work, very unfortunate

Rebecca De Rozario

Oct 11, 2019

Unable to obtain word document

Hi there, I have just run a heuristics evaluation on a site. When I select export, a pop up says "This will end your evaluation and you wont be bale to go back and continue, press OK if you're sure you're all finished'' I select OK and there is no word document to download. Are you able to help me with this as I used this for my UX assignment and am unable to get the word document.

Astha Agarwal

Jan 25, 2019

UX Check not working

Its not working on Mac and many people have said the same in reviews. How can I make it work?

samah bendali

Jan 22, 2019


comment utilise l'extension ux check

Denise Heebner

Dec 3, 2018

Can't View Full Site

I'm trying to use this extension on a site and right now I am unable to view everything. For some reason it cuts off part of the viewable area and won't let me scroll to the right to see the rest of the site. Unfortunately, there's a large part of the site on the right hand side that I need to document. Is anyone else having this problem? Any resolutions?

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