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Egon Freeman

Jul 8, 2024

Shared scripts report redefinitions

I don't know what's changed in the latest version, but I now see that if I use multiple scripts with a shared dependency (modules), these now declare redefinitions (Identifier '...' has already been declared) when they didn't previously. Since I don't have a way to know if a shared module has been loaded before, this is causing problems which I'll need to solve by testing for redeclarations myself. Is this intentional?

Chris Bloomfield

Jul 2, 2024

Using ` in CSS breaks things

If you use the character ` in your CSS, it breaks. Looks like this is because of the line "style.textContent = `", so using that character ends the CSS string. Perhaps you could use regex to escape the ` character in CSS before assigning it to style.textContent?


Jun 23, 2024


hi, can you add support for stylus preprocessor?
i actually use stylus and violentmonkey so i need a plugin who can manage both css and js.
many of my themes are with stylus preprocessor. for small theme i can switch easily to scss but for big theme 2 to 3k codes lines, will be harder.

Isaiah Crowley

Jun 21, 2024

Unable to use IP address ranges for code

Hi! We have a script set up to automate our logins across some IPs, for example:
However, a few of us were suddenly updated to the 3.0.5 version of this extension. One of our agents here is still able to utilize the script and automated login, but they are still on the 2.1.1 version of this extension. Those on the 3.0.5 version haven't been able to utilize the automated login. Please let us know if we need to make any changes on this side, or if there's anything that can be done in regards to this issue.

Radley Sustaire

Jun 6, 2024

JavaScript has completely stopped working

I've been using this plugin for years. Due to a recent update, javascript stopped working. I just tested using a new script and the CSS applies to the page, but I can't even get a basic alert to show up using JavaScript.

URL Pattern: */wp-admin/*
JS: alert('hello');
CSS: body { opacity: 0.5; }

The CSS applies to the page, but the JS does not run at all. I already marked the extension as developer. There are no errors in the console, it's like it doesn't even try to run any code.

Is there any way to fix this? I have a lot of scripts that are now totally broken.

Chiri Vulpes

Jun 5, 2024

The new CSS injection method does not work as well as the old one did

For years I had a global script I would run that, on an interval, grabbed the injected <style> element: document.querySelector("style[data-source='User JavaScript and CSS extension']");
...and put it at the bottom of the <body> so that I could use !important in my CSS for various sites and nearly guarantee I had full control, but this doesn't work anymore — now this extension uses an injected stylesheet which can't compete with !important on websites' garbage stylesheets.
Please make injected stylesheets an option that defaults to off so that I don't have to change the setting on my literal hundreds of injections I've made over the years

Baptiste Cv

Jun 4, 2024

Extension not working on Microsoft Edge

Hello, since last update the extension doesn't work on Microsoft Edge anymore.
I activated dev mode in the extensions page : it still doesn't work.
I'll try to use an older version for the time being.

Phil l

Jun 3, 2024

CSS changes not taking effect instantly

Worked fine for months until today's update. Now CSS changes flash as the page loads (you see the old stuff before the changes take effect). This never happened before. Is there a way to go back? Why'd this have to change? It was the best thing about this extension.

lawrence d'Aniello

Jun 1, 2024

User profiles

Hi, thank you for developing such a good extension! It would be great if you could integrate support for distinct user profiles or folders, allowing users to activate just one at a time. Currently, I'm forced to juggle between different userscript managers to obtein this functionality, and using just one extension would greatly enhance my user experience. This feature would alleviate the inconvenience of having to manually disable multiple conflicting scripts each time. Moreover, integrating this capability would add significant value compared to other userscript managers, as none currently offer this functionality. Thanks very much!

Cihat Efe Doğan

Apr 18, 2024


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