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Shai Coleman

Nov 5, 2022

Error on some sites

(index):1 Error handling response: TypeError: Failed to execute 'observe' on 'MutationObserver': parameter 1 is not of type 'Node'.
at registerTitleMutationObserver (chrome-extension://ignpacbgnbnkaiooknalneoeladjnfgb/page_hook.js:80:27)
at setFormattedTitle (chrome-extension://ignpacbgnbnkaiooknalneoeladjnfgb/page_hook.js:67:5)
at chrome-extension://ignpacbgnbnkaiooknalneoeladjnfgb/page_hook.js:49:11

Example URL:

U Krew

Aug 28, 2019

Is there a way to identify which window a tab is open in?

E.g. append #2 to all tabs opened in a second chrome window.

József Kupai

Aug 24, 2019

Source code


thanks for the nice work, it's a great extension (especially if you use keepassxc).

Have you considered to open source the code? It would be nice to have a look at it, and I have some ideas to contribute as well.

How do you feel about that?


A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 30, 2019

Domain as option

Would it be possible to include {domain} as an option to display instead of the full {hostname}?

Alex Efros

Dec 16, 2017

Wrong default file name on SaveAs

When I'm trying to download a file, for example I open and press Ctrl-S, dialog window propose file name based on (modified) title, like "- https___raw.githubusercontent.com_ - Vivaldi.txt" instead of based on url, like "dropbox-37.3.28.ebuild.txt". This is very inconvenient.

Maybe it's not a bug in this addon, but instead missing feature like blacklist to disable title modification for some urls (or, better, all content-types except text/html).

Susumu Arai

Nov 15, 2017

User (profile) name support

Hi, thanks for nice program.
Is it possible to add a new tag for user (profile) name?

Yana Key

Nov 2, 2017

Custom title as bookmark title

The only little problem is that custom title will be used as bookmark title as well. If it is possible, it would be great to have something like checkbox in addon settings allowing to disable this behavior.

Sergey Yugoman (Tozapid)

Oct 13, 2017

Microsoft Edge support

I know it's strange, but can you make similar app for Edge? :)

Rohan Mahy

Apr 20, 2017

hostname tag variant without www.

Like the user who requested only instead of, I was wondering if you could just offer a variation on the hostname tag which truncated "www." from the beginning of the hostname if it exists.

Alternatively, if you want a shortcut way to show only the "registerable" part of the domain, it looks like the default from is most registerable prefixes are 3rd level. So just make a list of the 2nd and 4th level prefixes and have a way to specify that a prefix is never truncated.

* does not match any of the rules above, so it is truncated to matches the .com rule, so truncates the .en.
any domain ending in is shown as the whole hostname. etc..

Willie Smothers

Mar 6, 2017

Hangouts in gmail

In gmail, when a user sends a hangouts message, it's supposed to repeatedly flash "Willie Smothers says..." in the title so that it can be seen while active in another tab. This feature doesn't work properly with "Url in title" enabled.

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