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Aug 12, 2023

Strange redirection on current tab instead of new tab on cmd-click

When using this service with a search engine, I frequently find that when I command-click a URL that is supposed to be rewritten with URL Auto Redirector that it will rewrite the search engine tab instead of the new tab's URL that is opened. This is very challenging to deal with and I'd like to see how we can go about resolving this.

Brian Granowitz

Mar 14, 2022

Redirect to local file

Hi, In a Google doc I'm trying to redirect from a fake URL, such as http://User/Bob/Documents to file:///C:/User/Bob/Documents, using a rule like http://user/* to file:///C:/User/ but in the I end up with just User/Bob/Documents. I'd apprecaite your help. Thanks, Brian

ming Moo

Aug 17, 2020

"Redirect in current tab"

"Redirect in current tab" redirects to the "current tab" as the term implies.
Just clicking on a link should work fine. But when you open a new tab from the context menu, it redirects to the "current tab" and not to the new tab.

Eugene K

Jul 16, 2020


When I type in the website in the url window, it works perfectly.
When I open new tab on a google search a website that should redirect, it doesn't. Either the original tab opens the website or the new tab opens the website, depending on whether the setting is redirect in new tab or current tab.
Here is an example of my block:*) maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Joe Poor

Dec 22, 2019

Redirect once in 28 days

Hello, would it be possible for redirect only take place once every 28 days?
Could the list of URLs be updated remotely too?

Suhendra Wahyu

Dec 2, 2019

export button

export button it's not work ?

Gidan Catalin

Aug 28, 2019

hello Crispgm

Is very usefull your exension , but can you help me? I would like the redirection to be done only once for each browsing session.

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