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Isaac Zhang

May 25, 2019

page titles

Would you please add page titles beside the history list so that I can easily find the page I am looking for?

Aaron Oliver

Jan 30, 2019

Feature Requests

This works really well, except I would really like some different options (perhaps have an Options page where these can be set):

1. I do not want the "history" list. That's just extra clutter.

2. I wish the font size was 100% instead of 75%. If you remove the history list, then you don't even need a smaller font to try and fit all those extra items.

3. I would like an option in the list (perhaps at the bottom) to click that does nothing but drop down from https to http at the current address. I'm using WinXP, and it can't handle some types of https, but on SOME sites like that, if I just change the address to http, then it will work....

Thanks for making this extension.

Usi Arshad

Aug 14, 2012

Keeps disappearing


the Upshift icon in the address bar disappears after a few minutes of inactivity.

It's been doing this for the past week or so.

The only way to get it back seems to be to restart Chrome whenever you need to use the extension.

Not sure if it's an issue with the extension or Chrome itself but thought you might like to be made aware.

Thanks for a great product.

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