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May 2, 2024

Make categories selectable

It would be awesome to have a category selector to select more favorable images. E.g. I really like animals, I'd select that category. This won't show me landscape and flowers anymore :)
Even better is a list of keywords you can enter so define you own pool of images.

Anyhow - the best extension by far! Thanks a lot for your work :)

John Hubley

Mar 26, 2024

"leave well enough alone"

It never fails, it seems every time a new Windows version appears, it gets more and more difficult to use your account. Ok for starters Micro cant even understand my e-mail is,as follows, y'all cant get it thru those SMA clogged brains, and you refuse to let me change it! You screwed up my Facebook, and who cares,dont use it anyway. I dont even have the joy of watching a video because of these stupid players. Do you GENISIS want to know how to stop cyber break ins? Simple,don't put TOP SECRETS on the internet, Keep printed tech manuals @ water plants, harden the power grid, and build transformers in the USA!

Gleb A

Mar 5, 2023

Memorize photos so they don't get lost

Hi! I've been using the extension for several years and have been trapped about 100 times. I open a new tab, quickly go to the site, and while it's loading, I notice a photo. If I like the photo and want to download it, I don't have time to do it because of the transition to the site. The photo is lost forever, because when I go back, another one appears.

My suggestion: don't update the photo if an user has only 1 transition from an empty tab in the history. Or some other way not to lose the desired photo among 3 million others.

Mark Woodward

Jan 27, 2023

Image keeps getting stuck.

After a few days of use, when I open a new tab the image sticks - each new tab I get the same image. Only fix is to reinstall the extension. :(

Bernd Dittrich

Sep 16, 2022

Source of Pictures used

Would be great to be able to configure the source for pictures to be used by instant, e.g. the topic. Would also be nice to know what the current selection criterion is, I see identical pictures on and off, since the number of pictures on pictures on unsplash ist huge, I assume it must come from a collection/topic or so. Would be great to know and maybe even to influence

Ihor Menshykov

Jul 12, 2022

Changing background

Please, add option to autochange picture every X (5+) minutes to accomodate for screens that should not be exposed to same picture for prolonged times (such as OLED).

Ihor Menshykov

Jul 12, 2022


Please, add option to only show dark images for night-friendliness. You can also make an option to switch to this mode at certain hours.

MonsterAbseits Red

Jun 6, 2021


when new tab open,is the background black

Shayuuu 7

May 25, 2021


Amezing this pic 😍

Jordan Ferguson

Jan 26, 2021

Photo's stopped rotating

I've been using this service for a while and really enjoy it. However it just started showing the same photo with every tab I open. How do I remedy this?

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