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John Viola

Aug 20, 2021


It's pretty clear this doesn't work in Google Chrome. Do you read the reviews? Others are complaining also. Unless you'd like to explain how it works correctly because it does not.

Sean Graham

Jul 2, 2021

Doesn't work in Chrome

On desktop, it is activated and block seen and delivery receipts checked. Using messenger within Facebook the other person still sees it as read as soon as the chat window is selected (this is identical behavior for when the plugin is not loaded).


Apr 2, 2021

Doesnt work

Please tell me how should i use it in order to make it work and/or tell me if you're planing on updating it to solve the problem or should i remove it

Marissa Jensen

Mar 16, 2021


The extension no longer works for me.


Feb 5, 2021

Ne fonctionne pas

Extension qui ne fonctionne pas.....

Constantinos Vrondis

Feb 4, 2021

does not work

does not work

Sandro Surguladze

Feb 4, 2021

Doesnt work

this extension doesnt working anymore, after FB or chrome update. please fix


Jan 15, 2021

stopped working

update it

Catherine Friend

Jan 6, 2021

Not working

Stopped working

Mykyta O

Jan 2, 2021

Hi it's no longer working please fix

Not working

Google apps