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Kurtis Dennis

Jun 14, 2020

500 server error

Hi, whenever i try to add new feeds to your extension i get an 500 server error and whenever i try to bulk mark as read whole feeds, they don't get marked at all and i have to manually mark each entry as read one at a time. Any chance that you can try to fix these issues? it would be greatly appreciated if you could fix these two issues with the extension. I absolutely LOVE this extension and it's truly one of my most used chrome extensions that i use multiple times each and every day tbh

A Chrome Web Store user

May 10, 2018

Not seeing site login

When I click on the little icon I get a pop up that says "You will need to login to the NewsBlur website to access your data." I say OK and it takes me to the website. But I'm already logged into the site! I am! Yet it does this every time.

Steven Muster

Jun 3, 2015

New issue - no longer works

I have used this extension for a year on more on Opera, via the 'Download Chrome Extension', but it no longer works. It says I'm not logged on Newsblur when I am!

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