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Sync from Google Bookmarks

Synchronise your bookmarks from Google Bookmarks into Chrome. To use: - Create a folder named "Google Bookmarks" under "Bookmarks Bar" (use Bookmark Manager.) - Sign in to your Google account at any Google website. - Wait a couple minutes or restart your Chrome. If it doesn't seem to work, please visiting to see if the plugin is able to access your bookmarks properly. The plugin accesses this page. Labels on bookmarks are treated as path names in which the bookmark appear, using the colon character (":") as folder separator. For example: the label "Development:Android" will cause this path to be made in your bookmarks: "Bookmarks Bar/Google Bookmarks/Development/Android". Unlabeled bookmarks appear in the root "Google Bookmarks" folder. Changes made to Google Bookmarks will be synchronised into Chrome every one minute. Open source. Feel free to contribute at

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