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Emanuele Cozzo

Jan 17, 2023


Salve a tutti , chiedo a voi perche non va piu questo e non funziona ? per quale motivo ? a me mi serve e' piu comodo ce password mia semplice .

Jason Gomez

May 25, 2020

Useful, with a minor flaw.

I find this extension useful, as I use Google Bookmarks a lot. However, it causes messes up the last saved directory when saving bookmarks in Chrome and it also does not keep the sorting of synced bookmarks intact. I think it would be technically possible to correct this, although by using more memory.

Js Sj

May 24, 2020

Unable to sync pop-up

I get the following error and can confirm that the root folders are correct and do not have "Bookmarks Bar". I am using the newest Brave Browser. Error message: Unable to sync! Please feedback on Web Store with this message: "Bookmarks Bar" not found in Bookmarks Manager. locale: "en_US". Root folders: "Bookmarks", "Other Bookmarks".

Chris Sheppard

Sep 5, 2019

Quick tweak and your plugin will support Edge Chromium too

MS Edge Chromium just began accepting plugins from "other stores". Your plugin will work once you tweak it to accept a "Google Bookmarks" folder on the "Favorites Bar" (MS Edge Chromium) in addition to the "Bookmark Bar" (Google Chrome). Many thanks for your fine work!

Christian Fosli

Nov 30, 2018

Unable to sync when Chrome is used in Norwegian language


Thanks for an amazing plugin! It works perfectly when I change chrome language to English(USA), however I am unable to use it with chrome in my native language.


When chrome is used in Norwegian language the "Bookmarks Bar" directory is called "Bokmerkerad", and is not recognized by the plugin.

Therefore I would get the following error message whenever the plugin tries to sync:

"Bookmarks Bar" not found in Bookmarks Manager.locale: "nb". Root folders:
"Bokmerkerad", "Andre Bokmerker", "Administrerte Bokmerker".

Vitaly Korolev

Jan 22, 2013

Awesome, but..

First of all, THANK YOU!
I've been waiting for someone to make an extension that could sync with google bookmarks.
It wish it was a 2-way sync and it would be great to be able to edit the folder name. "Google Bookmarks" takes too much space on the toolbar.

r w

Jan 8, 2013

Unable to sync!

Unable to sync! please feedback ..

"Bookmarks Bar" not found in Bookmarks Manager. locale:"en_US". Root folders: "Bookmarks bar", "Other bookmarks".

r w

Nov 10, 2012

wish sync does work

if sync works, this extension would be so charming!

r w

Nov 10, 2012

nothing sync

does this extension really work? there's nothing sync

r w

Oct 26, 2012

sync to Google Bookmark

Will it offer two way sync to sync back to Google Bookmark?

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