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Kettlyn Lope

Jun 12, 2024


Jesse Kelly

Mar 30, 2024

using in Edge and Summary options says to log in with CloudFlare

Hi, Summary options wants me to log in, but I am logged in and I have a pro Open.AI/Chat GPT account. I have tried logging off and on again, and removing the extension and re-installing . Any ideas?

Max Ziebell

Jan 23, 2024

Works great! Please add an option to have the format in the copied data or sent data…

Only thing missing a small toggle in settings to include time stamps in the copied or sent data! Just as seen in the web interface beside the video grouped by using newlines in plain text.

करेंट जिज्ञासा Current Jigyasa

Oct 15, 2023

In mobile kiwi browser not working

Kiwi browser not supported please upgrade

abbas isah

May 17, 2023

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Jacob Hawk

May 14, 2023


I wonder if using this extencion will generate charges to my chatGPT account in a long run. I'm currently using a personal free account without any payment settings, so, It would generate me a cost for using it?

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