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What is this app about? In this app you will get a great collections of ebooks which are on public domain and about pirates. How…

What is this app about? In this app you will get a great collections of ebooks which are on public domain and about pirates. How is an ebook works Now that in the market there are already many models to choose from, the consumer will be clear on what to call electronic book and what not. We will also leave aside mobile phones and other devices, including ultraportable, TabletPC or directly computers, which allow us to read electronic book formats but that do not interest us for this special. Let's forget them then. For us the electronic book is a compact device, in the form of a traditional book (rectangular as a rule) and whose most important element is the screen . Currently, the screen sizes of e-books are between 6 and 10 inches, with a clear predominance of books with 6-inch screens. These screens are not capable of displaying more than black and white content, with different levels of gray scales depending on the model we choose. These levels of grays usually fluctuate between 4 and 16. In the future, there is already some model of little success, those screens will be in color. The models of current electronic books are relatively light (from just over 150 grams to almost half a kilo of some model with little future) and of contained thickness, of average 1 cm. The resolution of the screen also varies according to the size of the same, but the most common models offer two mainly: 1024 × 768 pixels for larger models and 800 × 600 pixels for the most common 6 inches. How we put content to the e-book reader The most common ports in an e-book reader are two: USB and slot for memory cards. The first one is also responsible for recharging the internal battery of the equipment. They are also the most common to introduce the methods contained in the book. If the internal memory of the book address is wide, we can leave there our collection of digital books. For them we will normally use the USB connection from the book to the computer. It will behave as a unit more mass storage and only have to drag and drop . This way is how we access content purchased from an online store, which we generally downloaded to your computer first and then pass on to our portable reader. If the internal memory of our electronic book is not too broad and is almost testimonial, the memory card becomes the main storage system. Of course, we will have to have it always placed in the electronic book. Connectivity, what gives life to the book A third method to have electronic books in our reader is to use the wireless connectivity of the same. If it is, because there are still few models that incorporate it. And they are usually the most expensive. The electronic books are opting for two types of connection with the outside: WiFi and 3G . The most interesting of both is 3G connectivity, because with WiFi we continue to depend on a network close to which we have access. In addition, the content that we can download does not usually have much size. The most commercial books already come with 3G connectivity . In this case, we do not depend on a WiFi network. With the help of these 3G networks, readers often give us access to the online store of the company that markets the specific model as well as to subscriptions to magazines, newspapers and even Internet publications. The Sony Reader or the Amazon Kindle are very clear examples.

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