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Rouxhan Bredenkamp

Nov 23, 2022

Time converter

Century to year is defective

Charles Martin

Feb 5, 2021

Cannot use the extension after adding the conversion factors after setting the conversion factors. Need instructions on how to use this app.

After setting the conversion factors I cannot accomplish the conversions that I need to use. Need a guide to use your extension.

Patricia Maltba

Aug 28, 2019

Accessing unit converter

I added the unit converter but can't access it on my computer even when I am in Google. I need this for my science class.

Jeff Chagnon

Apr 17, 2019

As an engineer I use this extension ALL THE TIME!

Such a helpful application. My one request would be the addition of pressure and torque conversions.


Feb 11, 2019

Convert Metric Tones to Liters

for example converting 50000 metric tones of Liquid Gasoline into Liters
may I know the formula to use

Patrizio Cabrera

Sep 11, 2018


I really like this ext but why there is no pressure conversion? Is a little bit odd...

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 7, 2018

Multiple converter in on tab

I often convert Pounds to KG and inches to cm at the same time , is it possible to make two or three converter in on tab ?

David Heaton

May 23, 2017

add mils

can you add "mil" to the length options? a mil is 1/1000 of an inch and is used in electronics datasheets

Lepetit Olivier

Dec 11, 2014

Currency ?

Why don't you put a currency converter in your Chrome extension ?

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