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Unhook - Remove YouTube Recommended & Shorts

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Giuseppe D'Urso

May 24, 2024

Extension Malfunction

Hi, I noticed that this extension is not functioning properly. The YouTube home screen appears completely black, making it unusable.

Priya Rajnish

May 13, 2024

Short video

Promote my channel

Sean Rice

Apr 22, 2024

Remove the Explore Section?

I want to start by saying thank you for making this app! As the dad of a curious 7 year old this is exactly what I needed and I plan to donate.
Is it possible to remove the "Explore" section on the left? Maybe I just missed it but I would love to see that feature.

Victor Valentin

Apr 20, 2024

For Brave Browser

Make unhook available for Brave Browser. Thank you.

Nancy Dolin

Apr 17, 2024

Unhook Isn't Working

I am using Unhook with Mozilla, and today I notice it is no longer hiding comments or other settings I have created. Please advise. I have downloaded the most recent version of Unhook.

CJ Clarkson

Apr 15, 2024

Unhook blocking new playlists UI

It seems like Youtube decided to change how the playlists UI works, and is treating it like the home feed section. When I enable "hide home feed", it then will hide all of my playlists.

Aris Valdehuesa

Apr 12, 2024

Show transcript not working

When I click the "Show transcript" button, it doesn't display the transcript. It just scrolls to the top. Please advise if there is a workaround for this. Thanks!

A. Plante-Kropp

Apr 10, 2024

New YouTube interface prevents Unhook from working

Starting today, I see that YouTube has changed its interface (perhaps still in A/B or regional testing?) in such a way that recommendations are now below the video and description/comments to the side. This is preventing Unhook from blocking the recommendations, and I would like to know if the developers are working on an update.

Your extension is very valuable to me and my family. Thanks in advance!


Apr 10, 2024


Une mise a jour est necessaire, Youtube a une nouvelle interface, les recommandations sont desormais en bas des videos.
Merci a vous

Roushan Kumar

Mar 31, 2024

Unable to add to chrome

I am unable to add extension on chrome

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