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Jun 5, 2024

Сбиваются настройки YouTube на версии 2.0

Сбиваются настройки YouTube на версии 2.0 даже после того как поставил на настройки на пароль(Настройки сбиваются со временем, у меня это бывает раз в 1-2 дня)

Przemek Owczarek

Mar 21, 2024

LinkedIn Feed hiding is not working

When I turn it on it works, but after refreshing the page, feed is back on. Hope that helps!

Hüseyin Baij

Feb 18, 2024

Mozilla Firefox

Is it possible to expand Undistracted to Firefox? It's the main browser for hundreds of thousands like myself and it would be super appreciated if your team can expand there!


Feb 2, 2024

My YouTube settings keep resetting

My YouTube settings on the extension keep resetting themselves and idk what's wrong. Possible bug? Love the extension btw, very solid.

Tyler Fritsch

Jan 30, 2024

Mobile Site Blocking

I love the extension! Is it possible to enable the same functionality on the mobile YouTube site? ?
Namely the blurring of thumbnails and blocking shorts.

Dax Liniere

Nov 10, 2023

Block 'Home' tab

Is there a way to block the "home" tab of Facebook in the same way the Marketplace tab can be blocked?

Leshа X

Jul 27, 2023


how can i support this app?

Julian Scharf

Jun 2, 2023

I would like to block everything except marketplace

Facebook marketplace is the only suitable secondhand craigslist type app where I live.
Is it possible to block the home tab of facebook and only allow marketplace?

I do a lot of buying on marketplace but I hate getting distracted with the main feed.


May 3, 2023

doesn't work for linkedin

hi there, linkedin blocking is the most valuable feature of this extension for me and it's stopped working. can you please fix it would be a huge help. this extension is a game changer for me


Apr 7, 2023

Hide shorts

Hey guys!
You added the ability to hide short videos, but they only disappeared in the control panel. Thanks a lot!
When I go to the subscriptions feed, the shorts videos are still visible.
Please make it possible to hide short videos in my subscriptions feed.

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