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Shira Mizrahi

Feb 8, 2024

bug report - auto click golden cookies during cookie storm

So I enabled auto clicking golden cookies while a cookie storm was active. And instead of just giving me the cookies from each one, the game treated each golden cookie in the storm as a regular golden cookie, not a storm one. So in just a few seconds, I had every effect in the game active all at once, and a ridiculous amount of cookies that shouldn't even be possible when playing the game normally. I originally got this tool for comfort, not for cheating, so when I basically accidentally cheated the game and kinda 'won' in instantly, it wasn't the greatest feeling.

T. Ket

Oct 27, 2023

Not working

Im on the site that has ads but its still not working

Josué Magdiel Joachin Macías

Oct 5, 2023

uncompatible whit new verssion of the browser.

The extension says that it is incompatible with the most recent version, because I need to update the device, but I don't know how to update it and I have already gone to configuration to look for the most recent update, but nothing happens and it continues like this, so I ask you to make a version of this Extension compatible with older versions of the browser.

Matthew Walle

May 10, 2023

no upgrades after ascending

seems that the add on wont auto buy upgrades after you ascend. am i doing something wrong

Vinicius Matos

May 6, 2023

notifications when cookie storm happen

if a cookie storm happens and you have goden cookie notify on, the extension just keeps poping notifications infinitely, i swear it just keept going and there were not that many cookies appearing in the storm.

Benjamin Whitehouse

Feb 12, 2023

How do you start it

I have it on screen but it wont do anything

Max Ernst

Jan 20, 2023

how do i use it

won't show up

Tantiun DeVuyst

Dec 25, 2022

how do i activate it.

its not working

joseph parsley

Dec 18, 2022

how do i activate

i have the extension open but nothing is turning on do i have to activate if so how?

conner smith

Dec 7, 2022

i have reloaded the page but it still wont work

what do i do

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