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Michael Jennings

Mar 4, 2024

Cost of Subscripion

What is the cost of this app

Michael Jennings

Mar 4, 2024

Unblock BBC iPlayer

How do I download this app

steven ashley

Sep 10, 2023


Please tell me how to stop payment and unsubscribe
thank you

Yue P

Nov 30, 2022

Cannot unsubscribe

Hi, I would like to unsubscribe. I cannot log into your site. I contacted by e-mail but I got no reply.

Bill Cormylo

May 1, 2022


I cannot access the above subject after paying $15 cdn. Please advise how to connect or refund my purchase. Thank you

Bill Cormylo


Jan 6, 2022

The beebs service doesn't work

I am not getting any replies from you!
I took out a subscription for Beebs on 26/10/2021 and it still doesn't work. And you do not reply to my messages.
Please cancel my subscription and refund my payments in full since I have never had use of your so-called 'service'.
Thank you


Jan 3, 2022

No Connect button

I took out a subscription in October 2021. However, when I go onto BBC I-player there is no connect button for Beebs

thom britten austin

Dec 3, 2021

BBC iPlayer

#1 - Hi. How to I cancel a subscription?

#2 - can I use the 'download' feature in Iplayer?

Alan French

Oct 31, 2021

How do I unsubscribe !!?

How do I unsubscribe !!? Nowhere on your site can I find this option. I had Unblocked for iPlayer installed on a now unusable macbook and now wish to unsubscribe

mitzie williams

Sep 17, 2021

Connect button not working

There is no working connect button.

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