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Matías Rolón

Jul 20, 2022

UML preview not to scroll (for large diagrams)

I always felt it's a rough user experience when you have large diagrams since the scroll on the code also moves the diagram preview. In case I can be of any help and contribute on doing this, please feel free to reach me

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 12, 2018


Recently, I couldn't find it in the Google app store.

Jo Wang

Feb 28, 2017

How to add font

This is a very helpful app for me yet the default Chinese font is extremely ugly, I've added to my plantuml extension in my dokuwiki, but I don't know how to config this app?

Jerry M Sunny

Feb 11, 2017

A long UML diagram Crops Off

A long UML diagram crops off at bottom and is not visible at the bottom

Amelin Andrey

Apr 3, 2016

separated UML diagrams

there is 'newpage' keyword.

It provides 'Splitting diagrams' functionality.


Could you implement it?

Paul Leung

Oct 20, 2015

Is the content ever saved on the cloud?

I would like to know if the diagram created is only saved locally.


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