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Fauzi Bin Ridho (FONZ)

Dec 5, 2022

yearly updates

i do hope umatrix can still be maintained at least yearly, just to show others umatrix is all good and well, like what happened last year. and with more specifically, with manifest v3 i just hope a minor maintenance report can give us users a headsup if umatrix and manv3 are compatible

John S Wolter

Apr 19, 2021

uMatrix icon disappeared when accessing

I accessed a page with what appeared to be partly Chinese symbol characters. I noticed that the uMatrix icon had disappeared. Don't know if it was deliberate or just a glitch. Thought I should report this.

Leonardo Souza

Oct 29, 2020 not working

Any suggestions?


Aug 16, 2020

這個 阻擋器打開廣告是阻擋

(uMatrix development build1.4.1.0

Noonian Soong

Jun 4, 2020

doesnt block sites by default anymore.

umatrix doesnt block sites by default anymore!

ive tried to updated the list and watched in the config. what can i do?

Ni Ndogo

May 28, 2020

uMatrix Rulesets


I love your app. I love the concept of the recipes it has ... however the recipes are really old. Could you please be checking your pull requests on Most of the Open PRs ( are for the recipes - they will help with usage of the system.


May 13, 2020

solicitaçoes ao servidor foram bloqueadas por uma extensao

solicitaçoes ao servidor foram bloqueadas por uma extensao


Apr 21, 2020

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Apr 21, 2020


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Wes M

Apr 1, 2020

Control panel popdown has sizing issues in Vivaldi

uMatrix's dynamic control panel sizing is not picking up the actual size of the entries in the grid... it seems to be picking up the sizing of the previously touched extension, such as ublock origin, or other (also Shortcuts for Google Products). So the display of the uMatrix panel is truncated and will not scroll... Unable to reach grid entries after the first couple entries

- Install uMatrix and uBlock Origin
- Pull down uBlock Origin control panel popup
- Pull down uMatrix control panel popup

- Other Chrome extensions control panels are their normal sizes
- uMatrix panel is set the the size of the panel from the previous extension used

Note: This doesn't seem to occur right away... Occurs after some use, so there may be an additional factor here I yet to determine. uMatrix is the only panel that has the issue, though. The other panels continue to display normally.

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