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Greg Hettich

Jun 12, 2024

New hover function

How to deactivate that?
It's annoying as possible and it consume so much.

Lucas Mastrogiovanni

Mar 16, 2024

Simply doesn't work anymore

Whatever the settings, nothing happens. Same using YT, Disney+, Prime...

Team A Jayakanth

Jan 16, 2023

the content is just stretcing

the crop in not working

spiele universum EP

Jan 14, 2023

Not windows 11 compatible ?

I downloaded it but it dont work on windows 11 i guess

hope for a fix

Lukas Paces

Jan 13, 2023

not working

I have Windows 11. Using Chrome and it´s not working at all... :(

Bryan Fury

Nov 3, 2022

Not working on embeded videos

Hi there. Works on YT, directly, but not embeded YT vids on a webpage :(, could You fix this?

Space Fractal

Sep 19, 2022

did not work at all

This plugin did not work at all. So uninstalled. Not either on Chrome or edge. Nothing worked really.

Rich Lindberg

Jun 5, 2022


Ultrawidify no longer seems to work for Prime Video as of 6/5/22, especially on The Boys season 3. Could you look in to it please?

Luke Skywalker

Sep 18, 2021

Extensions no longer work on the latest version of Netflix

Hi there, first of all, thanks for developing this extensions! It's been an awesome companion for the last 1.5 years for me. It seems that after the latest Netflix Chrome player update in September that extensions either don't work or don't work properly/as intended. Video speed controller has lose the ability for clicking interface and can only work via hotkeys while it seems Ultrawidify cannot be used at all. Manually pressing hotkey (D) no longer works to scale the screen.

May I ask if there's a workaround the latest Netflix update for Chrome? Or if I can make the keyboard commands for Ultrawidify work again.

Ben Pomeranets

Sep 17, 2021

Its worked perfect, but now autodetection stopped work at all. I think it was latest patch. Please fix

Its worked perfect, but now autodetection stopped work at all. I think it was latest patch. Please fix

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