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Apr 13, 2024

make extension remember preferences per site

hi! plz make extension remember mode selected on each site.
it's not hard to implement but would be great feature.
e.g. for some sites i always use upscale, for some stretch and normal for the rest. i need to switch mode manualy every time. would be cool if it switches automatically depending on domain.
"normal" should be default, apparently.


Apr 9, 2024

Doesn't Work on Fandango at home.

Fandango at home used to be the movie website Vudo, but they merged a little bit ago. Extension did work on Vudo, but now does not work on Fandango at home

Yo24hua Base

Jan 14, 2024

Your tool does'nt work on "Tele-5"

However, with Tele-5 (example: it doesn't work at all. Especially for the old TV formats, it would be nice if the video image could be stretched to screen size.
I hope you can solve the problem!

Otherwise it works on YouTube, Amazon etc. great for me. Super great tool!

Nguyen Huy

Jan 26, 2023

Mode UpScale do not working.

As the title, mode upscale do not working. Since 7 days ago, it's auto stretch mode even I enable upscale mode.
Using on 21:9 display, youtube video.
Plz help fix soon. Thanks

Greg Seagle

Jan 22, 2023

DirecTV Stream

First off, thanks for creating this! Secondly, I'm having issues with DriecTV Stream Ultra wide working.

Marek Maciejewski

Jan 22, 2023

A way to disable stretch mode

Hi, I've tested other similar extensions and UltraWideo works best for me.
Howewer when toggling modes it always goes through "stretch" mode , which I dont like.
It would be great to be able to permanently turn off that mode.

Annalisa De Faveri

Jan 22, 2023

doesn't work

Hi! The extension doesn't work neither with the ctrl shift z nor by clicking manually in the extension. How can i do?


Krister F

Jan 22, 2023

Wont work in Upscale

Amazing extention. But just recently i have had the problem where no matter what it just does not work in upscale. Just shows me 2 stretched images and 1 normal when cycleing throught the modes. Is it a known issue or is it being worked on??

Devil Saint

Jan 22, 2023

Problem with the add-on on Google Chrome

Today the addition on on Google Chrome began to increase the player regardless of settings, while Mozilla Firefox has no such problem.

Tsukuyume's thorough gaming; highlights, longplays

Oct 17, 2021

Seems to sometimes randomly switch around options?

Not sure what's doing it, but sometimes it goes from e.g. stretching to upscale, which is more than annoying as it's hard to notice, and I'm losing parts of the video...

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