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Dominik Kołacz

Jul 27, 2022

When enabling all the chrome tabs are closed


I really like the idea of the product, however, it has one critical problem. For every 3-4 times that I enable the extension, 1 time instead of closeing the currently open tabs, it closes all the tabs... and it's unrevertible.
That's a critical bug for this error as if have open 15 tabs and your extension close the chrome window.. I need to re-open everything manually...

Please fix ASAP

JP Mora

Apr 27, 2022

sound effect

It works well for me. But, I wish to change the sound effect, How I could do that?

Angeleena Zacho

Jan 14, 2019

Countdown options

Would be nice to have a time/date picker to count down towards... for example, if I want to count down until 5pm today, would be nice to just enter that time instead of having to mentally calculate how many hours it is until then and then enter that number.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 17, 2018

It works

Just douple click and add time.. Can you add more alarm tones, And maby time adding mouse scroll?

Giorgio Sartorio

Oct 18, 2018


Nice................... but................ ehmmmm ....... DOESN'T WORK!!!!

Crystal Tan

Jun 24, 2018

Doesn't work

Keeps indicating it is 'OFF'. Tried clicking on 'Start'. Nothing happens.


Oct 18, 2017


I keep pressing the start button, and nothing is happening.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 14, 2017

not active

the start button is not active

Jack Ski

Aug 3, 2015

~ Display Message ~

It would be nice to displace a custom message read by a Robot voice.



Jun 18, 2015


Timer audio alarm only plays once and is so soft it would not be heard in another room or wake me up either. So,makes app unusable.

Nice GUI though.

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