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Sammy Fox

Jul 17, 2024

Extension not working anymore

It has stopped working. I checked Reddit, I'm not the only one.

Darth Wisdom

Jul 26, 2023

Big Bug In My Get Up

Chords are disappearing altogether for me and leaving me with just the lyrics. Guess it was made for strictly tablature? If so that would certainly be unfortunate. Would just turn U.G. into a glorified user generated lyrics site. Also see in 2020 you mentioned perhaps putting in a "pause" button so you don't have to close and reopen the entire browser?

Stephen Blair

Feb 7, 2020

No way to transpose songs without disabling the extension

If the 'back' button you had before brought the rest of the site back, that's all I would need. I love the extension, but I need to be able to transpose chords up and down before printing.

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