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Ultimate Enable Right Click ─ Allow Copy

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Rahul kumar

Nov 24, 2023


No did achipe kar hai bat toh nahi
Kab nahi to the best worke Post

Jatin Sharma

Nov 3, 2023


Hey Sir, I just want to know that what should i do to copy paste in chrome if a website restricts you to copy paste and also restricts you to enable any extension and they also imposing a extension made by themselves that detect the any other extension what should I do I tried everything with my knowledge someone told me that implements some commands in javascript and copy paste will work but i dont know how to implement that please provide any solution sir

Bill Ferguson

Jun 21, 2022

Ultimate Right Click

Either the preference page isn't working or I don't know how to use it. There are 2 (+) signs to add sitesbut neither one opens up the box where you put in in. The sliders below don't work either.
Bill Ferguson

Shenmue Is Life

Jun 3, 2022

Can't select text on this site
Thx for your time

David Huang

May 3, 2022

High CPU usage

This extension is undoubtedly great. I love it.

Only one drawback. About 1~1.5 hours after it starts, it causes 46~49% CPU usage on my Windows 7 desktop computer. So, I have to close it and then start it again almost every 1~1.5 hours.

Everry time when I close it, CPU usage immediately drops down to below 3%, even 0%. So, it must be the culprit.

I have not been able to notice what situation it's in to cause the high CPU usage.

I use Chrome 99.0.4844.82 and Vivaldi 5.1.2567.66. Both are of recent versions.

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