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Vadim L

Aug 23, 2023

couple of quastions

thanks for the great extension.
1. possible to know if could I to run automation from outside the operating system, from domain name? for example to pull in some url...
2. it is possible to run your extension with another extension on same tab?

Nate Levy

Jun 20, 2022

Doesn't load anymore even after reinstall


I love this extension but the screen stopped appearing when I clicked on it. When I go to the options screen, it immediately closes back out.

i deleted and re-added it a few times, it didn't clear up.

Any idea of what's going on here?

nazli lale

Jun 5, 2022

please help me !

hi, firstly UI.Vision RPA is super. Thank you. But i have a problem.
i use epic browser.and dont add my is say manifest failed.
i use old ui vision . it is not problem. it is work..
but new ui vsion dont add epic browser.pelase fix it. thanks a lot

Andrew Lazes

May 7, 2022

Kantu 7.0.11 No Longer auto clicking OK for Confirmatio

Hello, a Macro that I have been using for a long time suddenly stopped working correctly in the last day. Now when I delete a report, a confirmation dialogue pops up in Chrome on my iMac and then it hangs there. In the past, I believe the OK button was automatically clicked. Now that no longer seems to be happening.

Andrii Vasyliev

Jan 21, 2022

Image decode failed

Hello, I can't install it to my Chrome on MacOs Monterey on MacBook Pro 14" (M1 chip). I get an error "Image decode failed", so it wont install into my browser. How to proceed?

Stefan Giese

Jan 4, 2022

After latest update V6.3.2 no makro works

Hi there,
after the latest update to V6.3.2 none of my makros works anymore!!! It all fails with the very first command OPEN |<website> where I get the message "Line 1: until: pendingPlayingTab reset expired!"
Can I install the previous version and deactivate the automatic update? We need a stable Extension as it the basic for some important workflows...

Mudassar Khan

Jun 23, 2021

automate with a filter?

I am trying to find a way to extract information from a website and automatically hit a specific url.
On one page there are multiple 'orders'
Order ID

Order ID

I would like to hit a url (example ID/Reject) if the reference contains the string '123'.)

This would need to run for all consecutive Order ID's. The page would automatically refresh periodically and the sytem would need to run each time.
(it doesnt matter if it runs for the same order ID multiple times as the link would just come back with 'rejected already')

James Funk

Mar 28, 2021

UI Vision for Chromebook

Copy fish was the only app I can use with chromebook but it wants me to download UI Vision but here is the UI Vision app for Chromebook????

Fortunat Golovakov

Jan 16, 2021


Unable to read the elements in the iframe embedded in the webpage

a9t9 Team

Dec 6, 2020

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